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Winter 2015 Trends ~ We Have Them!

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This winter season brings bolder trends, retro and new.  As we prepare for the cooler weather, finding that unique & chic look is important in keeping up with what's in for fashion and looking fab at the same time.

Fur fabrics appear again as they have in the past few years, now more than ever.  Fur scarves and stoles are amongst the most popular of this winter's accessories.  Find them combined with animal prints in lots of textures.  Animal instincts are prevalent with accessories, so you will see them embossed on a variety of things.

The coolest duo this season has to be black and white in bold and classic patterns.  The simplest pair to coordinate any color especially with the on going popular winter reds, browns, yellows, oranges and greens.  

This season is also keeping pastels alive.  Always popular springtime colors, more pastels have made their appearance for these cold months as well.  

Lots of pattern play and graphic takes with apparel and accessories and geometric designs are keeping their presence and making statements with jewelry this season. 

As trends are ever changing, we strive to stay in tune with the fashion that you will enjoy and feel great about.  Find a variety of stylish and trendy jewelry and accessories here at Bella HOUSE OF MEL!  Happy Shopping and Happy Accessorizing!


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