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Our Products and Services

Our online boutique offers a curated collection of jewelry, accessories and accent décor which are mostly handcrafted pieces made in house especially created for your lifestyle.  We also collaborate with fair-trade, local and global artisans offering their unique creations and supporting their independent work.  In addition, many of our selections are eco-friendly products that reduce your environmental footprint, saving our Earth one piece at a time!  Our ever changing selections are limited, so if you see something that you love, grab it!  What is in store today, may be gone tomorrow!!  

Adding to our lifestyle boutique is Charity Creations, our special events division that offers confectionery buffet services, uniquely hand crafted décor and customized gifts for your special occasion(s).  Email inquiries at or visit their section on our website.

We are committed to providing our customers with premium, yet affordable products and services that can be enjoyed at any time.  In addition, we are constantly listening to YOU, adding selections that reflect your personal tastes and fuel your passions along with our own.  Feel free to drop us a line via email, post a picture of how you are using your fabulous finds on social media and hashtag it #bellahouseofmel or leave a review on our website for a product that you have purchased.  If you are a blogger, mention us in your next blog and let us know!   Providing YOU with exceptional customer satisfaction is OUR priority! 

All of our products are carefully packaged with a touch of BELLA.  We want to exceed expectation upon delivery and want you to be as excited as we are when you receive your order(s).  All gift ensembles and fashion boxes are arranged in our branded packaging.

We welcome you to browse and shop on our website or contact us for special custom requests by clicking on our email address here: .  Thank you for visiting and we greatly appreciate your interest!